Good Things Are Happening in October

Our First Baptist Family enjoyed a great day of worship last Sunday. The music by our choir, orchestra, worship team, and soloists punctuated our praise and thanksgiving. The testimonies by Dr. Pleitz and Barry Royal highlighted our treasured memories and dynamic potential. And the moments of commitment and communion affirmed the overarching spirit of harmony and generosity in our church.

ROC Progress Report: When added to existing funds, our first wave of ROC commitment cards indicate that we are almost 80% of the way toward our goal of $2.4 million for the ROC and we received over $150,000 in initial gifts.. Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to the ROC.

In the weeks ahead, we hope to reach the 100% mark in ROC commitments. Other commitment cards will continue to arrive for the next few weeks. At our house, it was not easy to gauge the appropriate amount to pledge toward this project compared to other projects. So during the next few days, Amanda and I will revisit our pledge, and make a slight upward adjustment as we make progress toward to ROC goal. I am confident that during the coming weeks we will work together prayerfully and sacrificially to meet and surpass our goal.

During October, our worship services will focus on the five purposes of the church: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Ministry. This Sunday we will think about “Coming Back to the Heart of Worship.”

On Sunday evenings in October, we will be sharing the Discovery Experience at six o’clock in the chapel. This experience will designed much like our Discovery Class for new friends and new members, and will serve as a great way for participants in our church to review our history, highlight our ministries, and gaze into the future.

Good things are happening at the church On the Hill, On the Bay.

Get Ready To ROC

These are exciting days as First Baptist Church is getting ready to ROC…that is, build the Paul Royal Recreation and Outreach Center as one of many ways we are expanding and enriching our recreation and outreach ministries.

Other important ministries are shaping up for the coming year. Last Sunday, our congregation affirmed a slate of 30 new deacons to begin serving this year. Then on Monday evening, our Administrative Council and our Deacons elected each of the following persons to serve as Deacon Emeritus: Dave Andrews, Monte Barrow, Max Dickson, Charles Griffin, Gene Langston, Lester Ennis, T.A. Shell, and Bill Thompson.

Deacon Emeritus is an honorary position in recognition of those persons who served faithfully during four or more terms as a deacon at First Baptist Church. Additionally, our Deacon Emeriti serve as encouragers and mentors to newly elected deacons and they assist the pastor in the service of Communion.

As we come to the end of September, we say thank you to those who have completed a three year term of service as deacons. Our church family also expresses gratitude to our outgoing Deacon Chair, Larry Hicks, who has served with wisdom and spiritual passion during the past year. Beginning October 1 we welcome Scott Bell as Deacon Chair for 2006-2007 as we look forward to a great year of worship and ministry.

We are in the final days leading up to ROC Commitment Sunday when we offer our commitments and initial gifts toward the Paul Royal Recreation and Outreach Center. Note the revised schedule as we meet at different times for Bible Study and one combined celebration of worship.

This Sunday we will focus on the question “Where Will I Be In 2016?” Invite a friend to join you for this strategic worship experience.