It’s the Spirit of the Season

In the spirit of the season, many members of our First Baptist Family have been involved in projects of caring during the holidays. At work, at church, and at school, individuals of all ages have been engaged in ministry by supporting missionaries, feeding the homeless, and providing clothing, toys, and other gifts for persons around our community who need a boost this time of year.

Christmas is a time for sharing and for feasting, a time for storytelling and for singing. Although we enjoy the popular songs of Christmas, the real meaning of the season comes from biblical stories that have been preserved and passed on to us across many generations. Throughout Advent we have experienced the longing of prophets, the announcement of angels, and the anxiety of a young mother growing great with child. This week we celebrate Christmas…the birth of the Christ child, the response of shepherds, and the visitation of wise men. This biblical story of Christmas is a part of the greatest story ever told.

This Sunday morning we will meet for worship in the sanctuary at ten o’clock dressed casually in the colors of Christmas. On Sunday afternoon, we will meet at five o’clock for our annual service of Candles and Carols.

In the spirit of the season, invite a friend or neighbor to join you as we gather for worship on Christmas Eve.

Progressing Toward Christmas…One Candle at a Time

Advent, our countdown to Christmas, is a progressive journey. Much like a progressive dinner, where a group travels sequentially from one home to the next, first partaking of the appetizer and then working your way toward the main course, so it is with Advent. We begin with the messianic promises of the prophets and journey toward the birth of the Christ child, with scenic stops along the way to sense the anxiety and the anticipation of those who have traveled these roads before us.

Last Sunday, we began our Christmas countdown by lighting the Prophecy Candle. Then we visited with the prophet Jeremiah as we were “Researching God’s Family Tree.” We learned, in the words of Calvin Miller, that “Once grace has scrubbed the soul, anyone can take their place in the lineage of the Son of God.”

This Sunday we will light the Angel’s Candle and we will visit with Zechariah where our quest will be “Discovering the Lost Christmas Carol.” Between Mary’s song, often called “The Magnificat,” and the angel’s song of “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men,” we will explore an often overlooked song by a previously muted priest and father who played a crucial role in God’s great drama of salvation.

This season of the year presents a unique opportunity to invite disconnected friends and family members to join you in worship.