Are You Practicing the Ten Commandments?

Recitations of the Ten Commandments are echoing through Chipley Hall, the sanctuary, the atrium, classrooms, and homes of FBC families. Parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren are learning or re-learning the Ten Commandments as we prepare to recite them in a unison chorus on September 30.

Last week I overheard two of our senior members saying the Ten Commandments to each as I entered the sanctuary. One of them said, “We’re practicing the Ten Commandments.” I said, “I sure hope so.” Practicing the Ten Commandments is a good thing.

As we prepare to complete our series, Hang Ten! A fresh look at the Ten Commandments, Ross Lankford will be sharing a message this Sunday morning from commandment number seven, “You shall not commit adultery.” On Sunday evening, Don Minton will be sharing a message from commandment number nine, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

Our proposed Ministry Budget for 2008-2009 will be presented at church conference on Wednesday September 26. Then on Sunday morning September 30, our church family will have an opportunity to vote on the church budget and the new deacon nominees.

The theme for our combined service of worship on Sunday September 30 is Our Church ROCKS! On this day, we will gather on Sunday morning to celebrate baptism and communion. Then on Sunday afternoon we will gather at Seville Square for our annual church picnic.

As we prepare for the completion of the ROC, let us continue to learn new ways to ROCK our community for Christ.