What Does Easter Mean to You?

This is Holy Week, a time for re-visiting and reflecting on the passion of Christ.  As a part of our journey through Holy Week, we are looking forward to sharing in a Good Friday Service with our friends at Allen Chapel AME and we are preparing for our celebration of the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday morning.

What does Easter mean to you?  I asked a few members of our church family what Easter means to them and this is what they had to say:

I always feel Easter is a new beginning.  All of nature is waking up and breaking out in all of its beauty.  It’s like a new beginning for me as we celebrate the resurrection of our wonderful savior and what it means to us.  I try to reassess my life to see how I can better serve Him. -Grace Barry

Christ’s death on the cross, as the sacrifice for our sins, was not enough for our salvation. He had to raise Himself from the dead for those of us who believe in Him to go to Heaven. -Savannah Hatsfelt

Easter reminds me of the supreme sacrifice my Lord gave for me as He died on a cruel Roman cross and on Easter the empty tomb showing that He conquered death and sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for me. – Charles Griffin

Easter is about a living Savior who gives me guidance and lets me serve Him in his ministry.
– Gene Langston

Easter reminds us of the sacrifice God made when He gave His only Son. That sacrifice means that because of God’s love and grace and Jesus’ willingness to die, we can be forgiven for our sins, and can spend eternity in heaven with God. -Carole Thompson

Easter is a reminder that we are set free in Christ- free from death and sin, and the cynicism, anxieties, and all that other craziness that comes with it. The message of Easter invites anyone from anywhere to come to Christ and discover this freedom. -Brianna Leatherwood

The resurrection marks final action in God’s redemption plan for mankind, and the beginning of an eternal relationship for believers with Him. – Andy White

Easter is a reminder of the resurrection that happened in my life. Death, brokenness and decay do not win just as the life of Jesus did not stop with his physical death. The future is freedom from darkness, and life that has been redeemed by the blood shed on the cross and restored through an empty tomb. –Mary Elizabeth Turnage

Christmas gets all the glitz and glamor, but Easter is the Big Event. Christmas celebrates the birth of the Christ child, but Easter celebrates the glorious day that ALL of us received new life through Him. –Steve Shell

To a world that looked at the gospel with a “question mark” God gives us His assurance with an “exclamation mark” which we see in the resurrection of Jesus. – Dr. Al Butler

Easter is a blessed reminder that ALL is well….we are victorious even in death! – Dr. James Pleitz

This Sunday we will be focusing on The Resurrection Factor (John 20:1-18). Remember to bring fresh flowers for the flowering of the cross. I look forward to seeing you as we gather on Easter for worship and Bible study.