Simple Blessings I Never Want to Take for Granted

simple pleasures 1

I first saw this folk proverb on a sign hanging in one of our favorite Smokey Mountain restaurants: “Simple pleasures are life’s treasures.”  It reminded me of an old tv commercial that proclaimed, “Life’s simple pleasures are the best.” Whatever one’s station or mission in life, little blessings should never be taken for granted.

During this week designated to remind us to count our blessings, I will certainly be giving thanks for faith, family, friends, and freedom. But there are a few things that popped up in my gratitude inventory that some folks might label as minor blessings. For me, however, they are a big deal. Some are simple pleasures, others are personal preferences, and a few are stress relievers.

These twelve represent a longer list of blessings that add richness and meaning to life, simple gifts that I never want to take for granted:

  • A hot cup of coffee on a cool October morning.
  • A multi-colored sunrise over the bay or an autumn sunset over the Gulf.
  • Sticky hugs from nieces and nephews.
  • A timely phone conversation with a friend.
  • Artwork given to me by a child.
  • Immersing myself in a good book…a novel, a biography, or a little theology.
  • Home-made cards or written notes of encouragement.
  • A song emanating from my soul.
  • A refreshing midafternoon nap.
  • A weekly walk between 18 holes.
  • The freedom to gather with others to worship.
  • The privilege of dedicating, encouraging, baptizing, marrying, and even eulogizing others…walking alongside others through all of the seasons of life.

This week, as we give thanks for the big things, let’s also take time to give thanks for the little things that bring joy, fulfillment, and affirmation to our lives.

What would you include on your list of simple blessings?